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"MA, GET IN HERE! They made a wiki for the We Hate Movies podcast!" Since its inception in 2010, We Hate Movies has been dedicated to bringing us weekly podcasts featuring comedy-charged conversations about bad movies, bad cartoons, bad television, and more! From its humble beginnings in Eric's bedroom in Astoria, Queens, just barely making episodes out of short talks on films like Psychomania and Congo, to putting out entire theme months like Listener Request Month, the Summer Blockbuster Extravaganza and the incredibly popular Halloween Spooktacular, to taking the show on the road and performing live in venues across the country, WHM has been going strong for over a decade!

Whether you are a new listener or an old seasoned veteran from the days of A Shock to the System and Evilspeak, this wiki will help you track down running gags, obscure references and recurring characters. Hey, kewl!

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